Lindsey Parkinson Massage
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30 minutes - £35.00
45 minutes - £45.00
60 minutes - £50.00
75 minutes - £67.00
90 minutes - £75.00

Pregnancy Massage

Lindsey offers this specialised treatment for expecting mothers who are in their second or third trimester (after the first 3 months of pregnancy).  During pregnancy our body goes through a huge cycle of change and massage can help to ease the commonly occurring aches and pains we have during this time, it relaxes both mother and baby, and can prevent the build up of tension within the body easing common complaints such as sciatica and difficulty sleeping.  Massages are tailored to the individual mother's needs. 

If it is the client's first time in visiting Lindsey she will conduct a thorough consultation with them, please allow an additional 15 minutes to the treatment time and note there will be an addition £5.00 charge to the prices quoted below.

To book an appointment or make an enquiry please contact Lindsey on or call 07868 458909

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