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60 minutes      -     £75.00
75 minutes      -     £85.00
90 minutes      -     £95.00

Joint Session with Lindsey and Yvette Karan

These sessions are designed to bring together the physical, emotion and mental wellbeing of the client.  Both Yvette and Lindsey believe these are all very closely interlinked and invariably difficult to separate.  By receiving a treatment that encompasses their joint approach to wellness or the lack thereof, the results are achieved quicker and remain with the client for longer. 

It is amazing how your body knows how to take itself into repair (always working towards homeostasis).  The way we think, feel and approach life all impacts on us within our physical body. 

Yvette and Lindsey work together to ease the tension from your body and help you to reprogram the patterns, habits and behaviours that can create a disharmony within our life.

If you have been a client of either Yvette or Lindsey's and you are happy for us to share your information between each other, a consultation is not needed. If it is your first visit to us, we will conduct a thorough consultation with you, please allow an additional 15 minutes to the treatment time and note there will be an addition £5.00 charge to the prices quoted.

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To book an appointment or make an enquiry please contact Lindsey on or call 01522 811641

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