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60 minutes      -     £50.00
75 minutes      -     £67.00
90 minutes      -     £75.00

Integrative Fascial Release

A blend of myofascial release techniques brought together by Steven Goldstein.  For those who do not know what fascia is this is the connective tissue that surrounds and supports all the tissues of your body, e.g. muscles, nerves, arteries, veins, organs etc.  It is said to be a 3D web that acts as a shock absorber and gives structure and support to the tissues within the body.  Posture, accidents, injuries and operations can all have an impact on our fascia that may create restrictions and tightness within our body.  Myofascial release techniques are designed to release these restrictions and create greater space and movement.

The treatment is applied via light touch yet its effects are deep.  Clients find this to be a very relaxing treatment in which your nervous system responses are slowed down to prevent guarding (especially post injury/operation), it is a great introduction to bodywork for clients who can be touch sensitive, and applied in the way Steven Goldstein teaches, Lindsey has found the techniques to have lasting effects.   Clients report feeling taller and having greater freedom of movement along with pain relief and relaxation. 

Clients are asked to wear unrestrictive clothing during these treatments.

If it is the client's first time in visiting Lindsey she will conduct a thorough consultation with them, please allow an additional 15 minutes to the treatment time and note there will be an addition £5.00 charge to the prices quoted.

To book an appointment or make an enquiry please contact Lindsey on or call 07868 458909

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